Mobile Massage services in Calgary and surrounding area

Imagine, waves gently kissing a sandy beach, sun peeking over the horizon. The sweet sea breeze whispering softly as you close your eyes and fall deeper into a state of blissful peace. The smell of heaven floating through the air, soothing all senses. Surrounded by a comfort and warmth that takes you to place of serenity.

As you open your eyes, you remember where you are. You smile, realizing you won’t have to rush away or battle traffic. No one can take this moment from you. To enjoy this spa experience like never before.

Hello, my name is Hannah, and I am a registered massage therapist in Calgary offering strictly professional mobile massage service within the city and surrounding areas. I offer a range of services such as relaxation, Swedish, deep tissue, and therapeutic massage. As well as hot stones and cupping. Do you suffer from chronic TMJ problems? Have you already seen your dentist and received or been recommended for a night guard? Are you still experiencing constant pain/headaches even with regular night guard usage? As a dental assistant for almost 10 years, I have extensive experience with TMJ dysfunction. I have witnessed the lack of support in patient care and TMJ rehabilitation. I am passionate about helping my clients who are suffering with TMJ dysfunction by offering alternative treatments for TMD, as well as other chronic issues.

DM if you have any questions or click the link below to book your appointment now.

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