Travelling? A massage makes it better. Male CMT, SWStudio/Mobile

Benefits of Massage Therapy when Travelling
From planning and packing to flying and driving, the stress of travel can negatively impact your physical body and mental attitude. Reduces travelling stress before, during and after, and is the most effective therapy for traveller’s mind, body and soul.
-If you get a massage a few days before beginning your travels, or even prior to your flight, your muscles will be loosened and will experience less tension. Increased circulation makes the tiny leg space or cramped car a little easier on your muscles.
-When planning a trip it is easy to become overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. Find an hour to have a massage to relax your body and mind. It allows you to be present and enjoy the trip.
-During your trip a massage rids the body of toxins, increases your circulation, and detoxes your lymph glands, which Improves immune function, important when travelling in new cities and countries and have contact with thousands of other travellers
-The therapeutic touch found in massage grounds and balances you, so you feel connected to your feelings AND thoughts
-Satisfies one’s touch quotient, often unfulfilled when travelling without loved ones
-Massage reduces jet-lag by helping you to sleep. Let massage therapy ease you back into your regular sleep schedule.

Schedule time for a massage next time you travel. Your body will thank you for the self-care.

Book an appointment now by texting Michael at 587-703-0047
$60/hr, $90/90 min, $120/2 hrs
Last minute Appointments are often available.
Relaxing environment with extra wide massage table, low LED lighting, fireplace, surround sound, hot oil and stones, shower before or after your appointment.

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