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Hello everyone! My name is Felicia and I am a registered massage therapist offering massages from my home located on the Southside of Edmonton! I have been massaging a long time and I give an amazing massage! I have actually been massaging over 13 years!! Crazy eh! The average lifespan of a therapist is about 7 -9 years max. How am I still going strong after so long ???
I will tell you my secret. I have used Kijiji as a posting platform for most of my career and it has done me well. I am genuinely honest, kind , passionate, compassionate, understanding,giving, ,warm hearted, gentle, I have an amazing touch! I am a living example of how u can massage your whole life , make a great living from it and still be standing at the end of the day without any health or joint issues.
If every single massage therapist did this everyday and were honestly doing it to the best of their ability… they would also have unlimited success as I have had.

Now matter how I feel … mentally , emotionally or physically when I massage for the past 13 years I have a shower, do my make up, make sure I look beautiful and feel beautiful. Then I treat every client with the exact , positive bubbly vibrant energy no matter what! Sometimes this is the most difficult thing because no one is perfect and everyone has a bad day. This is true but your client is here to relax and feel good and it’s your job to provide their environment for them. Massage therapy is all about energy. No bad vibes no matter what! Smile! Treat everyone how u would like to be treated! Make sure u have mints and water , nice clean bedding a room that is inviting and calm and relaxing. And the #1 secret I’m going to share with you today is this….
Give 110% of yourself to that client for the entire hour. Massage like u have never massages before be attentive and give the best massage I can like it was a competition! When you truly do this no matter what I know in your heart you gave the best massage so you don’t even need to ask if they liked it. It is difficult to hold yourself accountable like that and strive for excellence no matter what! And that’s why no matter how long I’m gone for,… if I take a while to respond or clients have to try back for weeks before they can get in… they will keep trying because I’m worth it.! I’m worth the wait , I’m worth every penny they spend and I do my job at the highest caliber and I make them feel amazing . Finding a good massage therapist is hard…. That’s so sad. We all were taught the same things…. It’s how you take what u learned and use it in the industry.
Plus I’m drop dead gorgeous and I take pride in my appearance and skin! So that’s always a bonus! Showing up and I loook better then the photos… this is what I have been told for years!!!
This is a long detailed post and it is very out of the norm for me … lol but oh well I am honest and true and I get it was time to express myself and let everyone know how I do it , why I do it and after 13 years….. I am still committed to providing excellence no matter what!!!
I know this because I strive for excellence with every single client and I ask everyone ar the end who they feel and how the massage was..
The nonsense rude, incorrect, hateful mean, pathetic and desperate attention seeking , insecure reviews I have heard about through the grape vine….. this is for the few human beings that want to destroy my reputation or name etc…
Anyone who would take the time to write something negativity about me on a review… must be a person who is angry because they did not get to see me, has a personal grudge against me or … maybe just a real life hater!!! Awwe I have fans!!!! How sweet !!
My response is…. If all of this is true and your read this … why on earth would u be texting me for a massage? What’s the point of reviews really? Especially with massage …. It’s. A very personal opinion. I have never worried about what others think say or do because I know I give outstanding service. That’s the key! If u know u kinda do a half assed job here and there and u didn’t really do this and that right… of course u would be concerned about reviews… reviews don’t matter to me because I’m too busy massaging and attracting the best clients on earth!! Then proceeding to give the best massage they have ever had !!
It truly is a blessing to be the best you can be everyday…/ because nobody can get in your way! Soooo many people try… but what a waste of energy!! My energy is only spent on goooood vibrations!!!!
That’s why I’m still here!!!
Thank you everyone!!! Love you guys see u soon !!
Have a blessed day!!! Felicia zen massage
587 319 0311
Text for detailed list!!
Working late till6pm tonight!!

One more thing !! When u text me today … and I see that u have texted me before or previously to book or inquire… MY WORD I WILL give you a customer appreciation special! I appreciate all the clients who didn’t get in but keep trying all the clients who want to see me and don’t give up and or the clients who try until they see me and then become regulars no matter what I’m happy !!
Please do tell me if u had a massage before and how the experience was for you !!?
I love my job!! God bless xo
And I can issue receipts and I am real and registered!!! Wow lots of typing !! See how passionate I am about my career!

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