Over 2200 hours experience

YEG massages offers much more than just a regular basic massage. You will come to unwind and get those sore and tired muscles worked out in the most serene and luxurious setting in Edmonton. You are given your choice of treatment packages to choose from to ensure you get all of the pampering you need & get some epsom salts to take home.
What makes YEG massages different?
* Heated massage bed
* Body contouring bolsters
* Hot towel service during treatment
* Choice of essential oils during treatment
* Services completed by a specialist with minimum 2200 hour credentials
* Hot shower following your service
* Epsom salt packages for post treatment home care
* A luxurious & professional atmosphere equipped with multiple relaxation areas
Massage treatments

Tranquility Relaxation Massage 60 min
A unique experience to relax the body, mind and nourish your skin.

Hot Stone Massage 90 min
Using direct heat of the stones to relax your muscles and allow your therapist access to their deeper muscle layers. The hot stones expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body and provide a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. 90 minutes allows us time to give you a complete massage working with the stones.

Massage with hand & Foot Therapy 120min
A specialized treatment focusing on foot care. Full body massage is complimented by the application of a soothing foot scrub, nourishing foot lotion infused with essential oils.

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Location proximity Jasper Ave & 84 st
Providing a luxurious atmosphere
Meticulously clean environment
Most treatments are covered if you insurance-
Available by appointment only
Free parking available
Easy accessible from Wayne Gretzky Drive

Note not monitoring Kijiji ad

Please email yegmassages@hotmail.com

** Why Epsom Salts? Drinking water will help flush these toxins out, but you still may feel achy and sore for 24-48 hours after your massage. Epsom salts taken as a bath promotes perspiration and draws acidic wastes – mainly uric acid – through the pores of the skin. This all helps to relieve pain. This bath also sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, is a natural emollient & exfoliator

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