Are you suffering from Muscular Chronic Pain such as, shoulder, back, neck, leg, knee pain, and more?. I am offering a free service, the CHRIS LEONG MEHTOD. This method can help in relieving pain, loosening muscles, and ALIGNING the body. It takes up to 15 minutes or less to do. I am looking to gain more experience with this method and am offering it for FREE. So far I have helped 2 people with body issues, and gave them help. No need to travel 1000’s of miles for this treatment, Chris will do the same thing, as I do. I am free Saturday and Sunday afternoons, with the odd weeknight. If you are interested in trying the Chris Leong Method then send me a message from here or add your cell phone so I can text you, so I can back to you. Take the time to watch a few of Chris Leong’s Videos to get an idea of what he can do. Thank you.

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