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Life Pattern Recognition Therapy – Discover your patterns and change your life.

You body & life is a messenger system, trying to tell you something when you have ongoing pain or illness or when you feel out of the flow of life. In a session I become a conduit for helping to translate that message, and understand the underlying cause that is creating it.

If you understand how Reiki works with your personal energetic field, then that also explains the basis of this therapy. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!
If you suffer from physical pain or suffer from things like migraines, spasms, or just think noting ever works out for you in life this therapy can assist with realigning your energetic field back into alignment. Once you understand its all connected, you can start to change it.

If you are tired of seeking western medical help which is always just more medication, then you have nothing to lose by trying a session of this type of therapy.

I only ask you come with an open mind and this therapy will help. Once you feel the difference, you will want to come back and tell your friends and family. I need those who feel the difference to spread the word for me.

Natural and holistic practices of healing is becoming more and more mainstream as pills and potions from western medicine are only putting a bandaid on the issue, and making you less healthy over the long term.

Contact me today to book a session.

All of the information in on my website – First session will be about 60to 90 mins. I am located in Millwoods. I have a massage therapy room in my home where I also do the energetic healing sessions.

If you want to understand more before booking a session please research Bruce Lipton & Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza


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