Skin tag removal Full body Exfoliation and More

Hello there, my name is Taz ❤ 587.712.0719 ❤ 8AM to 10PM
Licensed homebased esthetician.
❤ Services offered included but not limited.❤
Relaxing skin moisturizing massage $99/hr
30 minutes $65
Full body exfoliation rub/ body scrub $120
Full body waxing male only $299+
Under arms dark patch removal $90
Cupping $85 followed by 30 minutes relaxation massage
Acne therapy $85
Omega lights therapy to reduce the fine lines $95
Mole removal $50+
Skin tags removal $50+
Anti-aging Facial $120-200
Men haircut $40
Hair removal/ shaving $60+
❤ male only Waxing $90+❤
Shower is available ❤
When many people think of spa treatments, usually a facial comes to mind. When you get a facial, old and dull skin cells are scrubbed away to reveal soft and healthy skin that is waiting underneath.
Accelerating the skin turnover process, this treatment also stimulates collagen production which contributes to a more youthful and elastic skin texture.
With your skin being the largest organ, why not extend this principle to the rest of your body? The “facial for your body” is called a full body scrub, and it should be no surprise that it has the same benefits as a facial.
What can I expect during a body scrub?
Your body will be massaged after an abrasive product is rubbed into your skin, taking away the dull top layer. The exfoliating scrub can be made of natural ingredients like pecan hulls, sea salt, sugar, coffee, or rice.
You can also have your exfoliants scented with essential oils that have aromatherapeutic effects like chamomile and lavender for relaxation.
Others have topical benefits as well that remove toxins and promote healthy cell turnover. When you first arrive at the spa for your appointment, you will be offered a variety of scrubs. After you select the one you like, you will then undergo these 4 steps:
Strip down: Don’t worry, you will have full privacy, can still wear underwear, and can cover yourself with a towel!
Get exfoliated: Your aesthetician will then come in the room and exfoliate your body.
Get Rinsed- There will be some exfoliants left on your body, so your aesthetician will rinse you off.
Get Moisturized- When you are rinsed and dry, your body will be moisturized with lotion or oil. This will prolong the beautiful silky skin
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❤What is OMEGA LED light facial?❤
LED light therapy or low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has gained popularity as a cost-effective, zero pain, non-invasive and no downtime alternative to laser treatments.
1- Blue LED light benefitKills acne bacteriaReduces SebumReduce Skin InflammationCalming effect on blemishes
2- Red LED light benefitCollagen stimulationReduce inflammationImprove blood flow
3- Green LED light benefitReduces pigmentation and sunspotsImproves dark eye circlesSkin brightening
4- Yellow LED light benefitReduce red spotsIdeal for sensitive skinReduces blushing and skin redness
❤ What is anti-aging facials ??❤
Anti-aging facials are one part of a larger strategy to maintain a youthful appearance by preventing and counteracting the damaging effects of time on skin mobile massage full body massage
These facials address skin’s declining collagen and elastin levels, lighten hyperpigmentation, deeply hydrate and gently exfoliate for a rejuvenated appearance.
There are several types of facials as well as light therapyAnti-aging facials can be performed at home with face masks, facial steamers or portable light therapy devices; howeve professional treatments are typically more effective.
Anti-aging facials comprises a range of noninvasive skin care treatments designed to target key instigators of aging skin and to improve skin’s health. Home Massage mobile massage
Treatment strategies can be personalized based on desired goals, either by using one type or combining several for greater benefits.

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