Total Health & Wellness Coaching Services

My name is Anna , and I’m a wellness coach.
I’m here to help you create healthy patterns within your lifestyle that are completely designed for the client in mind. If you struggle with sleep structure, dietary habits, water intake or even just motivation ~ I’m the coach for you!
In combination with my education in health and wellness, I’m also a massage practitioner that specializes in fascial chain mobility, stretch therapy, cupping and massage.
My passion is to help find the key within yourself that unlocks your potential to reach your goals. I am not the answer, you are. I’m simply here as a guide to show you the way. To motivate you when the hope feels lost, and to fix you up when you’re feeling damaged.
If you’re interested in my services, please feel free to reach out and we can begin with an initial FREE 30 minuet consultation over the phone.
For coaching services, I am available through zoom or text. For in person treatment I am located in Rural Alberta and travel to the Edmonton area periodically.
Thank you for reading,
~ Anna

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