ZEN MAŠSAGË. Southside

Hello good morning! My name is Felicia and I am a registered massage therapist offering massage from my home, located on the Southside of Edmonton by the airport.
It has been about a month now that I have been back in biz so please still do have patience with if u are having difficulty getting through to me. I m still very busy and I don’t have a receptionist taking calls or texts while I am massaging .
Ok so I do not and will never direct bill. I also do not offer mobile massage. I will not allow u to shower before or after ur massage so please come showered! And I offer regular massage services no nuru I have no idea what that even is ! Thank you
Today I am going to work on a detailed list of all the services I Offer so when u come in and wait in my waiting room area you can take a look at what is available! I will text u a brief description of my massages and everything else will be discussed in person.
Please do understand that right now I have … 124 missed calls and texts so I am extremely busy!! I do not have time to text a bunch of stuff to every single person . I have time to text the basics and I can book ur massage and send u address ok. Thank you again for understanding and once u arrive u will get the detailed list.
I provide unbelievably awesome clean professional services do not ask me for cheaper prices I do not and will not ever lower my prices thank you!!!
Monday- Friday 9-3
Occasional weekend… I will post a brand new add saying working this weekend… otherwise I am off with my girls thank you.

Thank you so much for ur support , understanding , business, respect and generosity!!
Have a stupendous summer and we will see ya soon!!

Have a blessed day !!

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