Acupuncturist in Downtown Halifax

Why endure your body pain, emotional disorders?
Why have your only option be to mask the pain with daily drugs?

You can leave your pain behind with acupuncture, cupping, or other herbal remedies in natural way!

Dr. Eee Acupuncture can give you a chance back at your best life!

Dr. Eee graduated with a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Tianjin University of TCM. He has a practiced clinical experience for more than 10 years.

He practices a variety of methods that include:
• Skull Acupuncture to rehabilitate Stroke recovery, OCD, Concussion, Insomnia, and neurological disorders.
• Cupping and Chinese massage to improve quality of life and rejuvenate toxins from the body.
Dr. Eee has the techniques, expertise and experience to help you feel better, heal better & stay better accessibly, affordably & effectively.

Located at the Life-Care Acupuncture clinic on 6066, Quinpool Rd, Halifax.

To book an appointment now through Email:

When you visit, you will know what value is experienced the best.

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