I am professional and good in acupuncture, reflexology, massage, tuina, guasha, moxibustion, etc. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a natural therapy to help you keep in health and health healing. I can help you to stop your pain, calm your mind, leave from struggling with sleep, stress, depression, anxiety. I can help you to improve your whole immune systerm, you can get more energy, I can help you with your digestion, such as diabetes, etc. And skin problems,cosmetic, fertility, ED, weight lose, all physical &emotional problems. You can get deep relax from tight, nervous, stress, pain, etc. I have been doing Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years in both China and Canada, therefore I have many experience and sucessful cases. Once you have a session, you will find it is worth enough. If you have acute or chronic issues, and have or haven’t try any other ways include acupuncture. You can make an appointment with me. Give yourself a chance, and at last you will appreciate your choose.

Acupuncture insurance covered. Direct billing is available. You can do acupuncture, reflexology, massage, guasha, moxibustion alone or combined. All genders and ages are welcome. Please text me for more details by 902-818-5780.

Parking is available. Only professional treatment, zero tolerance of extra service. Thank you

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