Cole harbour massage therapy

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Hope this message finds you feeling fabulous and full of sunshine! ☀️ It’s Shayla from Acute massage company.
the place where relaxation and awesome vibes collide!
•CBD and THC friendly •
•Adult only •
1($115.50),2($223)&3($346) hour options available

Imagine drifting into a world where stress melts away, and serenity wraps you in its cozy embrace. Your next visit promises to dial up the relaxation levels to awe-inspiring heights, channeling your inner Zen master and leaving you floating on cloud nine.

You know what makes it even better? The incredible benefits you’ll experience! Think reduced stress, improved sleep, enhanced well-being, and a supercharged sense of bliss that’ll have you glowing from the inside out. ✨

So, here’s the scoop: to book your spot simply give me a text
(902) 604-2062

Stay bright and bubbly until then!

Not ready to book yet ?
Check me out at
On tiktok and Instagram

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