Registered Massage Therapist Halifax—

Hi, Yuki here, a registered and professional massage therapist in Halifax, I also obtained the following certificates:
-Therapeutic Cupping
-Advanced Massage Therapist
-Pediatric Massage Therapist
-Nursery Therapist

I specialize on:
*****Deep tissues*****
*****Traditional Chinese Acupoints Massage*****
*****Therapeutic Massage*****
*****Feet reflexology*****
*****Cupping (Ba Guan)*****
*****Gua Sha*****
*****Pediatric Massage*****
*****Postpartum Recovery Massage (including therapeutic breast and abdominal massage)*****

I’m managing a home-based family business located in Kingswood with peaceful environment, please visit my website for all treatment details.

SMS: 902-200-8355
(book online or email/text for queries, accept insurance/cash/EMT, PROFESSIONAL ONLY)

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