Facial Acupuncture and Massage – 11 years experience

Massage and acupuncture on the face will reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the signs of aging, exhaustion and stress. More than just a cosmetic procedure, it mobilizes a client’s own energy to revitalize the whole body and address the underlying factors contributing to the aging process. I highly recommend trying it. The results are comparable to chemical or laser peels, microderm abrasion, photo rejuvenation, bio-toning, Botox or Collagen injections. However, acupuncture and massage are 100% natural.
Lines of tension in the muscles and facia can build up in the neck and face. We start with a restorative massage, bit of Gua Sha manipulation and than acupuncture is applied for tissue rehydration and restoration.
When the body is relaxed, open and breathing deeply, the acupuncture is painless. However, if the client is nervous, I can use technique and needles with tubes to prevent uncomfortable sensations. There are lots of ways to create comfort during this session.
If you have any questions or want to jump on a phone call please let me know! I’m here reply to add.

Home visits, midtown and downtown offices.

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