Hamilton Natural Therapy Centre Inc

I’m a registered massage therapist in Ontario.I have more than 25 years of experience in traditional massage.we’re offering Swedish Relaxation massage, Swedish therapeutic massage, Deep tissue massage, Lymphatics massage, Aromatherapy massage,Sport massage and Hot stone massage. Flawless technique will work along your body meridians and accupoints using traditional techniques to balance your Yin and Yang, reconcile your viscera, dredge your meridians and improve blood circulation.
My skillful touch will reach the root cause of your pain.My technique has helped clients with insomnia, irritability, anxiety, migraine, headache and other symptoms. leaving clients satisfied and ready to go back to whatever life throws at them.
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Call now to book your appointment at: 905-515-3598
( By appointment only)
We accept all insurance.
Business Hours:
From Monday to Saturday:10am -7pm
45 Mins —$80+HST
60 Mins—$110+HST
75 Mins —$135+HST
90 Mins —$165+HST

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