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For various reasons, every day we go through moments of stress, whether at work, at home, or driving.
According to experts, stress is one of the major causes of physical and mental illness today.
Tips to minimize stress:
-Relaxing Massage
-Physical activity
-Have a healthy social life with friends and family
-Separate 1 hour a day to do something that gives you pleasure
-Sleep well and have a healthy diet.
Relaxing massage is a powerful tool to reduce physical and mental stress.
Benefits of relaxing massage:
-Reduces physical and mental stress
-Helps boost immunity
-Relax the musculature
***Live Well, Live Stress-Free***

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Denis… HE is NOT a registered massage therapist. You CAN NOT claim this massage. We do NOT attempt to rehabilitate, treat or prevent physical disorders and pain. The purpose of the massage is physical and mental relaxation.
Professional Qualification
• HOT STONE MASSAGE – Royal Canadian College – ON CA
• Psychosomatic Massage for well-being – ENAF MG Brazil
• Massage – Alternative techniques – PUC MG Brazil

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