You deserve this! Treat yourself… massage and energywork

A truly healing and transformational experience… I look forward to treating you, you deserve it!
I am a spa professional in the industry for 10+ years. I offer both massage and energywork that can be done separately or combined together in the same session. We can customize any treatment to suit your preferences.
Massage: I offer an indulgent and calming relaxation massage that is a combination of Swedish massage techniques and intuitive touch. This treatment helps to calm the nervous system and reset the mind, body, spirit. Using high quality pure fractionated coconut oil and options of balancing and uplifting essential oils.
Full Body – You may choose to include or exclude any of these areas: Back, glutes, legs + feet, arms + hands, abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck, scalp, face.
60min – $90
90min – $120
120min -$150
Energywork: I am trained and naturally practiced in energywork from traditional training modalities and from my own intuitive guidance. I have offered energywork for over 10 years and I have been working with healing/light energy since I was a child.
These sessions can help to bring you back to balance within yourself, release stress, increase your intuition and connection to your wisdom and overall sense of reset and calm. These sessions are done with laying of hands gently on the body and sometimes just above. (Client is covered in sheets/blankets or wearing comfortable clothing)
60min $90
90min $120
Any massage can include energywork with no additional fee.
Please note: a healing massage can and should be a pleasurable and indulgent experience, however, I do not offer any services outside of what is detailed in this ad. Please do not inquire for “added” services as I do not provide any other offerings. I will not respond to these types of inquiry.
Beautiful studio space in Hamilton near Lake Ave. and Barton St. E
I look forward to treating you… you deserve it!

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