Massage in your home – male student masseur

The benefits of massage are numerous:
Reduced tension
Enhanced immune response
Improved relaxation
Increased joint mobility and range of motion
Reduced muscle injury
Improved circulation
Reduction in blood pressure
Enhanced quality of sleep
In order to reduce stress and help with relaxation, massage therapy can vastly improve quality of life in a number of ways.
It is quite common after a quality deep tissue massage to experience drowsiness so it is important to reserve time for yourself after the session to rest.
About me: I’m enrolled in but have not completed massage training so I cannot yet process insurance claims.
I am based in Kitchener, but able to travel within Cambridge, KW, Guelph.
I don’t have a portable massage table yet and the massage must be in your home.
Full COVID protocols will be in place and you will need to wear a mask during the session. I have received my first AstraZeneca dose of the vaccine and will be sterilized before the session.
I look forward to helping to helping you: reduce pain and tension, improving circulation, energy and alertness, as well as lowering heart rate and blood pressure.
First time patients receive a promotional rate:
$60 per hour
$80 for 90 minutes
Message me to let me know if you have any specific issues such as back pain, lumbar issues, other back pain, neck pain, joint pain, difficulty sleeping or injury.

Sorry if I can’t respond to you right away. Please expect to wait a day or two before we can schedule your appointment because I still have my ongoing patients. Thank you.

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