Registered Massage Therapist Accepting New Patients

My name is Bailey, I have 2 years of massage experience. Helping people to feel better and leave with less pain is my passion. I focus on quality treatments. Registered Massage Reciepts provided.
I offer personalized treatment plans based on your condition.
I treat a variety of conditions:
Head/neck/shoulder pain
Upper/lower back issues (DDD) (SI joint pain)
Hip and glute tension (sciatica)
Lower Body
Knee surgery’s(ACL, MCL, MENISCUS), hamstrings tension, calfs, quads, ankle sprains etc.
Massage Techniques include:
Relaxation Massage
Sports Treatments.
Direct Insurance Billable.
Canada Life
Equitable Life
Message on here for quick response or email me.
Professional setting only.
First Treatment includes an assessment, intake and health history.
Registered Massage Therapist Services:
– Therapeutic Relaxation (less pressure)
– Swedish Massage (moderate pressure)
– Sports Massage (more pressure)
– Hot Compress
– Fascial Massage
– Lympatic Massage
– Sports Style Stretching
– Scalp & Foot Massage (only available in 90 minute treatments)
400 meters Off HYW Lancaster or Wellington Exit.
Free parking on road or in plaza available.
Monday to Friday
10:00 am to 5 pm
Client satisfaction through skillful service and client care. I use heat when is required and organic non scented massage lotion.

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