Registered Massage Therpaist

Hi! So you’re looking for a Registered Massage Therapist to help with your pain? Results that last more than a couple days? Someone that understands what your muscles need to stay relaxed even during that 8 hr work day? Helping people is my passion I love to see how my clients feel better after their massage.
My names Bailey! I’m a female Registered Massage Therapist with years of experience, Insurance billable and I provide insurance receipts. Now accepting clientele to build my practice.
I perform different Massage Techniques, Deep-Tissue, Swedish and Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone, Parafin Treatments. Massage therapists manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body to relieve soreness, improve circulation, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress and increase relaxation. Client satisfaction through skillful service and my friendly manners, I use a professional massage table and heat when is required, aloe Vera and vitamin E massage oil good for the skin. Sessions are in a clean relaxing environment. Helping people to fell good and leave with less pain and fatigue is my passion. You won’t be disappointed!
Usually my massage starts with Swedish style massage long slow strokes along the back, then move onto the legs back then front, I include feet as needed. If asked I do deeper petrissage techniques, then I end on head neck and shoulders with a scalp massage that has my clients in complete bliss almost asleep.
Relaxing, professional, amazing massage in the comfort of my own home clinic (where your more than just a number). That has a spa like atmosphere. Including a super comfy massage table, water fountain, relaxing music, fuzzy rug, himilyan salt lamp, and is a clean & safe space. Hypoallergenic unscented lotion.
I treat a variety of conditions:
Head neck shoulder pain and upper/lower back issues (DDD) (SI joint pain)
hip and glute tension (sciatica)
lower body,
Knee surgery’s(ACL, MCL & MENISCUS), hamstrings tension, calfs, quads, ankle sprains etc.
Most of my patients always come back.
After many years of practice I intuitively know agonist /antagonist muscles to focus on to optimize your healing ability and get you back to the things you love.
I can make a treatment plan tailored to your specific condition! And I also provide home care to speed up recovery time.
Clinic Information
Competitive Rates!
90min $150
2 hr $225
Interact Etransfer, PayPal or Cash
**Please do not call I’m in a session you can message on Kijiji to schedule.
**Booking a couple hours in advance recommended and appreciated. Any “last minute” msgs will be ignored. I operate by appointment only. I have a relatively full client base and am looking for clients that can schedule ongoing appointments ahead of time! Makes my life a lot easier. Thank you!
Please send me a msg including details about your condition and I will respond with a link to my website where you can schedule your massage. If you’re not tech savvy include the day/time you had in mind and we will see if I have an opening and book.
Registered Massage Therapist issuing insurance reciepts! No direct billing availible at this time.

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