USUI REIKI (ray-key) (Tibetan/Japanese) and/or KARUNA REIKI (USA)
In the treatment you are clothed and laying on a massage table.
I begin with a smudging of sage to cleanse out any negative energies.
Then I use Ancient Healing Symbols to activate the energy flow.
Universal Life Force Energy comes through me, fills my body, then goes to you via my “Hands-On” healing touch.
Reiki can help on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.
You feel balanced, calm, and extremely peaceful.
CALL ERIKA (519) 886-4045 (Landline – do not text)
25 yrs+ Training and Experience
Certified USUI REIKI Master/Teacher
Certified Karuna REKI Master/Teacher
COURSES AVAILABLE – You Can Become The Healer
ALSO AVAILABLE: massage, bodywork, energywork, hypnosis, past life regression, etc.

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