TIME TRAVEL the WORLD into the Past, Present or Future

* Can be used to deal with unresolved physical, emotional or spiritual issues, OR for personal exploration and discovery.
* PHYSICAL: aches, pains, fibro-myalgia, unexplained illnesses, eg. “I don’t know how I got that pain”. Got asthma? It could be a past life drowning.
* EMOTIONAL: fears, phobias, anxieties, relationship issues. eg. “I feel claustrophobic and I don’t know why”; “I’m afraid of snakes”; “I met his person and I instantly fell in love, why? Did I have a past life with them?”
* SPIRITUAL: “Why am I going through this?” “Why am I on earth at this time?” Discover your Life’s Purpose.
* EXPLORATION of who you are at a deeper level. Discover your most powerful past lives. Feel connected to a certain time frame, country, or culture? Lets explore why that is.
* TRAVEL into the Past, Past Lives, Present, or Future.
* CALL (519) 886-4045 (Landline, do not text)
* This session takes 2+ hours
* Fee: $300
* EXPLORE the World, DISCOVER Yourself.
* You’ll feel AMAZING when you’re done! You’ll be in AWE of what you’re capable of.
* International Healing Arts Center – Waterloo
* www.erikamarquardt.com
* CALL Erika (519) 886-4045 (Landline, Do not text)
* Certified Master Hypnotist
* Certified Master Time Line Therapist
* Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
* B.A. (Hons) Psychology, (Minor) Family & Social Relationships

* Am I going to loose control? No, You are always in control.
* Will I remember? Yes, You will remember your session.
* Basically You lay on my couch, and then we begin 🙂

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