3 FREE 40 mins. Thermal Therapeutic Massage Session.

3 FREE 40 mins. Massage Sessions CERAGEN Thermal Therapeutic Massager No Medication! – No Obligation! – Nothing to lose!
The latest EASTERN Healthcare Technology!
The WORLD’S LEADING Automatic Thermal Massager CERAGEM combines principles of Acupressure, Far-Infrared Heat, Chiropractic Decompression, Deep Tissue Massage and Moxibustion all in one treatment.
Unlike any other massages in the market, CERAGEM has been proven to: · Relieve Back & Shoulder Pain · Relieve Tension and Sore Muscles · Ease Arthritic Pain · Increase Blood Circulation · Unblock Energy (Qi) Channels
* Health Canada Approved as Class II Medical Device
After the 3 FREE massage Session (there are no obligations to buy any packages after the 3 free massage sessions) We offer massage packages: 1 month unlimited massage sessions for $100 and 3 month unlimited massage sessions for $200. Please contact us for more information or just come and visit us.

Kangen Wellness Center
515 Wellington Rd. Unit # 7
London ON N6C 4R3
Tel: 226-777-5656

Hours of Operation:
Tue to Fri 12:00am to 6:00pm
Sat 12:00am to 4:00pm

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