Happy Friday the 13thl!)! Mobile spa Services I come to you

Good evening:-) my name is Cynthia I have 23 years of professional experience in massage and therapy pedicures manicures Full Body Creations Dave’s waxing sugaring fence below above and below the belt massage and Brazilian specials I also offer haircuts and reflexology and I am licensed and certified and my treatments and services are high quality and thorough and full- times are guaranteed
Cynthia is kind compassionate skilled gifted and advanced and is from beautiful British Columbia and I have been in this province for the past 12 years and I have kept 85% of my clientele over the past 12 years
My work ethics are up to standard I’m a very hard worker and I am also a practitioner that has your health and wellness at the very top of my concerns policies and top priority
I’ve worked with kind generous respectful professional and mature gentleman for the past 23 years I believed that all men deserve to be pampered just like women are I find that men rather come to a private setting rather than eight bye downtown where they can feel more comfortable relax at ease and it’s more personable
All treatments and services and bookings are private confidential discreet always please do not call me with it locked number or a phone app because I will not be able to give you any information or book you in
I am open 7 days a week usually early morning to late night I will accommodate you for Travellers and shift workers are just generally if you are in so much pain and you cannot sleep
I do live in a Old Farm House out on Highway 74 between the 401 and Belmont but I assure you it is nice and clean inside and kept very well and needs to be renovated but I assure you dreamer room is sterilized before and after each client Fresh Linen and clean towels always the matter how busy my day is along with tools and apparatus has are cleaned and sterilized and 99.9% isopropanol including the door knobs

All safety Protocols are in place for covid-19 just to let you know if you’re not feeling well please do not book please go to your doctor or to the hospital to get checked
My prices are reasonable yet they are flexible there are extended services disclosed upon arrival only meant to better your health and wellness please discuss this with me as soon as you arrive for all other information and for booking tonight for a home visit or hotel visit please call 519-854-4440 and I’m also available at my home based business if you would like to come in instead and just let you know there is no end going or out coming traffic I live alone with my dog and she will be put away as soon as you arrive okay thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon and also just to let you know I am offering a free mystery incentives if you booked tonight in studio or out of Studio

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