Holistic Therapeutic Massage Sale ⭐️⭐️⭐️

⭐️Sale Sale Sale limited Time Only⭐️
From April 5th till April 30th 2021
Buy 2 Massages for $100 get 1 massage free
Book your Vacation on my table
Other packages available
Certified Holistic Massage Practioner

Tigerlilly Health Center
Holistic Muscle manipulation / Indian massage Specialized in Sciatica
& Raindrop Therapy
Bengal pkg
Anyone under 60 years old
4x massages
1 massage per week in a 30 day period
Steal price at $50 each
If you choose Bengal Pkg but want to come biweekly as in every other week the Pkg is $260 at $65 each massage

Siberian pkg
Anyone 60 years OLD or OLDER
4x massages
1 per week in a 30 day period
Steal price $40 each
Siberian Pkgs for seniors must be done within 4 weeks in a 30 day period
If you make the effort to come every week and have a cancellation due to sickness
This is fine no problem

The whole purpose of having the Pkg is to maintain your body and keep pain and sickness out of your body
I do the sale to invest in your health so the more often you come your reward is a cheaper price
If you don’t make effort for your health then your body slips back into bad health and results in more pain
You will always be massaged head to toe not just parts like other places you have been to
Hence Holistic means “WHOLE BODY “
But not keeping your body maintained you are depreciating your body
Ask yourself this Why do you put more time in investing in your vehicle that is a hunk of metal?
That metal will not feed you or take care of your sick painful body
It’s purpose is to get you from point A-Z that’s it
You however have people in your life that LOVE & need you so take care of yourself first do your here longer to enjoy life to it’s fullest

Business is located as In Home business
No worries of lineups or crossing paths with other people due to Covid
However if you are positive for covid or have any symptoms please avoid making an appointment and please have yourself checked for your own safety

I am also a VoxxLife practitioner
So your benefits will cover prescription products purchased through me
Please keep in Mind
Always always always full body 1 hour
Hours of business
Monday – Friday
12 noon- 9:30
Saturday & Sunday
2 pm -10pm
To book a day on weekend
You must book by Friday 5pm
To ensure a spot for the weekend
Regular price is $95/ hour
Holistic Therapeutic Massage
First time visit is $70
Expect to be approximately an hour & half or more as a massage of whatever I find wrong in your body could take longer …
plus 15 mins paperwork and meeting of what existing health issues you have price remains the same
After your first visit if you enjoyed your treatment and see better results and want to come again
This is where you can choose Pkgs or
$95/ hr upon each visit
Thanks for choosing
Tigerlilly Health Center
Have a Wonderful Day!
Please check our Facebook fan page and reviews on Google 5⭐️ ratings
Call or text to book your appointment
If I am busy with a client I cannot get to the phone but I will get back to you as soon as I am able either between clients or next business day
Thank you for your patience

Easier to get me faster by text that I can see your messages faster
I will not see your message Sorry I have no time to check on here
I use all my time on my clients
Thank you for your time
Be safe from Tigerlilly Health Center

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