Men's full body hair removal and full body massage and Aesthetic

Welcome to a nice clean safe and secure home based business located just minutes east of London and beside the 401 on Highway 74 and just around the corner from the Mustang Drive-in
23 years of professional experience in massage and therapy I am certified not register so I cannot issue health benefit receipt I can only
Issue extended health benefit receipts
All male clients booking must be mature professional and respectful at all times please and thank you
All massage treatments are high-quality and full times are assured and it’s a dollar fifteen per minute
A combination of relaxation and therapeutic modalities are used can you create a great massage including pulled groin area and glutes I also include some acupressure on your feet which is reflexology and I use warm non scented organic coconut oil which is excellent for all skin types I do not drape my clients because I feel it takes too much time off the massage and interferes with the flow of energy I do wash you off at the end or you can take a shower and all prices are not inclusive there are some extended health benefit Services that are disclosed upon arrival only and please respect that as Foley confidentiality and discretion works both ways and the extended services are at a greater price and remembering that the massage is a main focus and I do work at at rmt level and I am considered to be very good at what I do as I have been a Healer my whole life and I take great pride in mine chosen profession
All covid Protocols are in place everything is sterilized top-to-bottom even the door knobs so please be reassured that you will never be on a dirty sheet or a dirty towel everything is clean and I do live in a very old farm house that looks pretty rough on the outside but I assure you that it is set up beautifully and I’m highly complimented on how clean and cozy and comfortable and relaxed the treatment room is
Just a list of what I do offer I offer licensed hair removal including Brazilians which is shaving the private area Ken’s above and below the belt manicures pedicures full body exfoliation scrubs hot stone massage and therapy raindrop therapy aromatic paraffin hand wax treatment Indian scalp massage and so much more once you book with me the second time there’ll be a bit of a discount and a free incentive
Same day and short notice up to 15 minutes are always welcome I am open 7 days a week sometimes open very late and sometimes open very early I will come and visit you at your home or hotel how long is it safe and secure
Daily special in bestseller for most mature men it’s a massage and Brazilian special which is a 45-minute massage and then cleaning up the private area using an electric razor and then smoothing it out with a disposable razor which is always new and disposable and never use it twice so be reassured
New clients my last text and then call me and please do not use any type of phone app because no matter if I say do not use one some clients still try and go right ahead and try using a phone app and then ask me strange questions and it’s just a waste of time so please only serious inquiries only
I do live alone in my big old farmhouse with my beautiful little dog which I will put away upon your arrival and I assure you that there is no surprises no husbands no boyfriends or anything like that so please feel safe it’s very important to me I will let you know that I am born and raised from beautiful British Columbia and I understand that London Ontario is very conservative whereas out west we are a little bit more laid back
I would like to take the time to thank my clients that have stayed with me for the last 12 years that have been very faithful and loyal I truly appreciate your business!!
Please call with a displayed number no block calls whatsoever at 519-854-4440 thank you so much:-)

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