We are here for you to bring calmness so you can ‘let go’ of negative thoughts, anxiety and have a good night’s sleep…
An overall feeling of exhaling all through the magic of a Deep Tissue Relaxing Massage.
LOCATED @ Bathurst and Clark in Thornhill NEW…CLEAN ….SAFE CONDO 
❇️ We use organic scent free warm massage oil. The session starts with our warm soft healing hands first to de-stress your muscles, applying your desired pressure to your body, neck, shoulders, back, gluts, inner thighs, legs and unbelievable bum massage. Intuitively we massage your body transforming you to a heavenly, dreamy, peaceful state. Guiding you into a hypnotic state of relaxation.
❇️Our massage sessions are most memorable experience you have yet to experience!!! We end our massage session with mesmerizing head, neck and chest massage . During your massage session you will be taken on a journey of tranquility, fall into a clear mind, empty thoughts a feeling of being on a cloud putting your anxiety and everyday worries behind you. Our massage sessions always include a refreshing foot soak & scrub plus reflexology type massage that will truly make you feel like you are “floating on a cloud”. What more can you ask for!!!
❇️A soothing spa like ambiance is created for you dimmed lights, warm massage oil and soothing spa music.
Our Unique 4hand Massage a Trois Session is an ultimate bliss for your mind, body and soul. From the sole of your feet to the tingling top of your scalp, feel our magic hands move like waves in synchrony and in tune with how you & your body responds to our touch. These treatments are uniquely different, they will lift up your spirits and simply immerse you into total calmness.
❤️Our Most Recommended Full Body Massage + Sacred Spot Session is also available
In this session we include the “Sacred Spot” The Sensitive Bum Area you will discover why the Sacred Spot is such a unique source of relaxation . With this session, our aim is to make our time together blissful, enjoyable and truly unforgettable.
❇️Call or text Lilly (437) 500-8288 and please let me know you are interested in our 4 HAND Massage a Trois 
Price List 
60 min $300
90 min $340
60 min $340
90 min $380
HOURS 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday 
We do not provide picture for safety and security.We have pretty faces but most impotantly we have the most magical healing hands.
Thank you for your understanding

We are two attractive European trained masseuses, 100% independent, genuine, patient, sweet and understanding. Certified in body work treatments and relaxing Massage
Our health and safety as well as our customer’s safety and well-being is very important to us.
We take Covid-19 seriously and ask you to do the same, if you have any symptoms or travelled recently please do not book a session at this time. Thank you for understanding.
Stay safe and healthy everyone!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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