@ Jane & Highway 7 with lots of parking space
Please read ad thoroughly so you won’t miss any details and not get a chance to experience my amazing 75 Minutes massage Treat-ment!
Hours Mon – Thursday 9am to 7pm
Friday 9am to 5pm
Fresh clean towels – Stand up Shower- Complimentary Espresso and a bottle of water are provided.
Delight your senses with this Relaxing full body Massage Treatment, it’s a perfect way for you to experience a whole new concept of full body healing relaxation. It is my way to reassure new clients and prepare them for what lies ahead. Pure heavenly calmness for your body – mind & spirit
❤️$200| 75 MINUTES Whole Body Massage
My wonderful pampering massage includes the following blissful treatments for your whole 75-minute Relaxation massage (my hands stay on your body the WHOLE 75 MINUTES!)
❇️40 minutes Full body Massage combined with warm hot stones
I will intensify your sense of relaxation as my magic intuitive touch deeply but gently touches your body. From gentle soothing touch to a more Swedish deep tissue with Zen-sual broad rhythmic slow movements. I will fully delight your whole body by massaging your- back, neck, shoulders, arms hands then slowly integrating into your thighs, inner thighs, glutes, legs and unbelievable bum massage for full body treatment of enjoyable relaxation.
During your massage session you will be taken on a journey of tranquility, fall into a clear mind, empty thoughts a feeling of being on a cloud putting your anxiety and everyday worries behind you.
❤️Hot Stone massage for an instant feeling of warmth!!!!
I use heated smooth basalt stones to massage deeply unto your whole upper body, so you feel instant warm heat penetrating your muscles.
Your muscles will be deeply relieved, no stiffness, no soreness. Just pure heaven on earth enjoyable relaxation so you feel fully rejuvenated & alive again!
❇️15 Minutes Foot Treatment + Reflexology type Massage
Amazing foot scrub, soak, plus reflexology. Using a pain-relieving cream to soak and scrub your often tired feet and soles. During a foot massage, endorphins are let out into the bloodstream, easing aches and pains, giving you a feeling of deep relaxation and serenity.
❇️10 Minutes Buttocks Massage
Your buttocks are a combination of fat and muscle. The butt’s gluteal muscles, collectively among the largest in the body, are necessary for stability, movement, and posture. I
Massaging the butt is an amazing relaxing feeling that helps relax the all-important gluteal muscles and eases pressure on other parts of the back, spine, and legs. RMT therapist skip this wonderful treatment. I feel this is an amazing benefit to relaxation.
❇️5 Minutes of Head – Scalp -Chest massage
I end your relaxing treatment with a mesmerizing head-scalp-chest massage to uplift your spirit for your full complete enjoyment and satisfaction.
❇️10 Minutes extra $40 External or Internal Prostate Massage.
In combination to all of the treatments above, you may also add this treatment at extra $40. As you lay on your stomach I gently and slowly massage your prostate (internal or external your choice) you will discover a profound healing and awakening practice which helps with trauma and numbness built up in the body.
Trust yourself to let go and feel safe with my kindness and understanding
and most importantly my magic touch. I am very passionate about what I do & helping others heal, the moment you lie on my massage table you will be treated like a big baby…you will truly feel my love for healing my patients all throught your body.
This Full-body massage is designed for men who are truly seeking clean, honest and legit service .
To book your appointment please text or call at 437-774-4277 you can also reach me via WhatsApp
❤️$200| 75 MINUTES Massage
Add extra $40 for Prostate massage (at your request only)
I will gladly answer any questions or inquiries you have.
Abit about me: European Brunette in my 30’s, down to earth & pleasantly mannered..Lovely features..Soft skin.. always positive with light hearted sense of humour, easy to communicate with!!!
My services are mostly catered for Gentlemen who are searching for more relaxing massage to fully sooth your tired muscles and fall in to blissful relaxation ..We all need a safe place to escape to every once in awhile..Let my space be that place for you..
All Covid precautions are taken very seriously, I wear a mask and ask you to wear one as well, I sanitize to make sure everything is squeaky clean and hygienic for my clients*
I’m looking forward to your visit..stay safe and healthy everyone!
Wishing all Love & Happiness.. Lilly ❤
**Please Note: NO E3tra services are provided at all ( this is a truly different & unique whole body treatment, not a simple rub down with a handy 🙂 So Please be nice & respectful as none of these “other” services are provided. Thank you and have a wonderful day**

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