Effective Tuina Deep Tissue Massage with Acup @ Weston $69

Do you know why you always suffering from pain at the muscles or joints ?
We can help you diagnosing and find out the root causes using Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.
We are offering the promotion : 1 hour Tui-na Deep Tissue massage with Acupuncture $69.
Our massage can relieve your pain effectively.
There may be 2 therapists helping with your pain, depending on your conditions.
You try the treatment once, you can feel the difference.
We are specialized in helping you with these conditions :
Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back pain;
Tennis Elbow; Golfer’s Elbow; Tendonitis;
Neck pain and Migraine Headache;
Lower Back pain;
Sciatica numbness and radiating pain to legs;
Plantar Fasciitis,
Insomnia (sleeping problem),
Migraine or Headache,
Cold Extremities,
Numbness on arms, legs, hands and feet.

We are professional therapists. Appointments ONLY.
Please text message our phone no. 416-356-3999. NO Phone Calls please.
The licensed therapist also provide Acupuncture, Cupping, Blood Letting, Moxa therapies.

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