Professional Certified Masseuse

Relaxing Healing Massage And Body Energy Work
The Ability To Let Go And Heal Your Energy!
Energy Healing For Well-being Through Massage .
Come And Experience A Deeply Relaxing Healing , Tension and Muscle pain relief.
Massage that has an Ability To Heal!

VAUGHAN … Center street

This Relaxing European massage technique affects the body to perfectly relax you , your nervous system, helps improves lymph flow, speeds up metabolism and heals any aches or muscle pain .

Kristy Uses Her Healing, Nurturing Touch And Various Massage Techniques With Slow, Flowing, Blood-circulating, Rhythmic Movements. Not Only Does It Promote Relaxation, This Style Of Massage Helps with Pain and Muscle Soreness.

Soothe And Nourish Your Body With Natural Self-endorphins That Are Produced During Extreme Relaxation, Enjoyment, And Hormonal balance .

☀️A 1hr Or 80 minute Healing Massage Package Will Guarantee You Pure Relaxation And Positive Body Energy Work that will leave you fully relaxed and pain free.

Relax And Get Rid Of The Negative Stress , Pain and Give your body Health Benefits it Deserves .

I Layer Pressure To Suit Your Preference And Create A Meditation Massage Throughout Your Whole Body To Allow Healing And Relaxation To Activate Your Bodies Natural Healing .

☀️1HR $120
Full body massage includes- back, shoulders , neck , head , thighs, glutes , legs , feet .
☀️80 min $160
Full body massage includes- back, shoulders , neck , head , thighs, glutes , legs , feet .

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Please contact Kristy @ 647-793-9377
Hours Monday – Thursday 9am-7pm
Friday 9am-5pm
☀️No extras. I practice a professional, therapeutic relaxing massage designed to relax your body and also to relief pain that’s associated with muscle tension!!!.

Please try to schedule an appointment in advance . Thank you wishing you all a healthy and pain free day ❤️

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