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We provide wet treatment water cure.the physical
properties of water use in order to act on the human
body in various ways to achieve the prevention and treatment of diseasethe substance of the role of the human body is based on the rectors of water as a kind of external stimulus to nerves-humoral the adjustment mechanism.causing changes in organ function in vivo -the skin is our largest organs.and we believe is
deserves the best treatment,pamper yourself and relax into your now.-spa treatments serviceif you body love to be pampered you will love the affordable spa service.the perfect choice to satisfy and craving-bring beauty and relaxation into your life,soothe you aching body nourish your souled.-we also provide
Swedishhot stoneAromatherapydeep tissuetrigger point,reflexologyfootshiatsucouplesLymphaticback walking. Every day we have 5 lovely ladies in the spa

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