$120 DeepTissue Massage Swedish Sports Active Myofascial release

Working-Professional. NO Extras. Strictly NO Sexual.


15 years experience.

Located by Mavis and Bristol in Mississauga. Working hours 8am-10pm 7/days a week

Draping is mandatory. However, if you don’t like to be under sheets, I’ll gladly massage you through clothes.

l incorporate :
*** Sports Active Release,
*** Reflexology
*** Deep tissue Swedish technique, ***Myofascial stretching and
*** Movement Release..,
depending on your concerns.

Tools that maybe used:
Heating pad,
Stainless steel Graston tool
Quartz-Gua Sha,
Massage gun,,
Hot towels.

Condition that can be treated:
*Muscle tension/strain
*Ligaments tear/sprain
*Carpal tunnel syndrome
*Rotator cuff tendinitis
*TOS thoracic outlet syndrome
*Sciatic Nerve compression
*Bell’s palsy
*Back pain
*Sports injury
*Sleep disorders
*Postural disfunction
*Tennis elbow/ golfers elbow

I have:
*** Unscented lotion,
*** Organic coldpress Grape seed oil w/Eucalyptus
*** CBD cannabis salve/topical (good for muscle & joint aches, arthritis fibromyalgia )

***. $120/hr deep tissue relaxation massage

***. $180/90 minutes

***. $220/2 hrs

***. $135/hr for appointment after 8pm-11pm or 6am-8am

***. $180/15 minutes Inferred Sauna, 1 hour massage,15 minutes Epsom sea salt bath, rose petals bath

***. $240-260 mobile service depending on where you are.

***. $20 Epsom salt & Sea salt infused with Peppermint and eucalyptus oil for home care.

*Inferred Sauna therapy:
Joint Pain,
Performance an Muscle,
Skin Health
Sleep an Circadian Rhythm,
Balance Hormones,
Improve General Wellness

***Note: I’m a working professional an healthcare provider so please serious inquiries only, my time is important too.

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