$120/hr Deep Tissue Sports Active Release Massage Reflexology

Strictly professional.Female.15 years experience.Located by Mavis and Bristol in Mississauga. Draping is mandatory and standard procedure. However, if you don’t like to be under sheets, I’ll gladly massage you in exercise- short, sports bra.

I like to use heat to soften the connective tissue makes it easier to massage out the knots restriction and muscle tension. I usually begin a couple minutes of dry Myofascial work then introduce oil to upper; lower back, shoulder arms neck then glutes, hip hamstrings, lower leg feet Then have you turn over to work muscle on front side. Head, pecs front arms and shoulders quads front legs. Back to Front I cover all these area in an hour. May work on Abdominals depending. I’ll incorporate Sports Active Release, Reflexology technique, Myofascial stretching and Movement Release depending on your concerns. Tools that maybe used: Stainless steel-Gua Sha, Massage gun, Heating pad , Hot towels. Ice.

You can pick from unscented lotion, Organic coldpress Grape seed oil with Eucalyptus or I have CBD cannabis salve/topical good for muscle and joint aches, arthritis fibromyalgia etc.

Dim lighting candles. Relaxation music: megahertz over 1000 to ensure positive sound vibrations.

$120/hr deep tissue relaxation massage

$190/90 minutes

$240/2 hrs

$140/hr for appointment made for after 8pm-11pm or 6am-8am

$190/15 minutes Inferred Sauna, 1 hour massage,15 minutes Epsom sea salt bath, rose petals bath

$240-$260 mobile service depending on where you live

$20 Epsom salt & Sea salt infused with Peppermint and eucalyptus oil for home care.

*Inferred Sauna therapy is good for Joint Pain an Inflammation, Performance an Muscle, Skin Health an Anti-aging, Sleep an Circadian Rhythm, Balance Hormones, an Improve General Wellness

***Note: I’m a working professional an healthcare provider so please serious inquiries only, my time is important too.

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