Facials, Waxing,body massage,Laser hair removal (ladies only)

Deep Cleansing Facial
Deep cleansing facial with Microdermabrasion
Facial(Herbal, Whitening, Acne, Fruit & Anti Aging)
Herbal facial with microdermabrasion eye brow and upper lip wax included
Deep Cleanse Back Facial (Basic) brow and upper lip wax included
Deep cleanse Back facial with microdemabrasion Full back wax included
Microneedling acne scar removing &antiaging treatment( gauranteed results)
Micro-needling may help address many skin-related problems including:
acne / enlarged pores
skin pigmentation issues
stretch marks
increases the production of collagen
rejuvenates the skin
Scalp Massage $10
Shoulder Massage $10
Arms & Hands Massage $15
Back Massage $20
Legs Massage $20
Foot Massage $10
Full Body Massage $60
Nose Hair Removal $5
Nose Blackhead Removal $5
Neck $10
Ear Wax $5
Shoulders $10
Underarms $10
Full Arms $20
Half Arms $15
Hands $5
Full Legs $25
Half Legs $20
Feet $5
Chest $5
Tummy $15
Back $20
Buttocks $10
Brazilian & Bikini $25
Full Body $80.
NOTE- Please text me as I do not frequently check for emails. Note No callbacks or return calls. I will return text you back the same. Please accept my apology as I have been away recently and unexpectedly.
Also, please refrain from entering within if you are not feeling well, have a fever or have traveled outside the country in the last 2 weeks or know of, and has been around someone who is under quarantine. Thank you for your consideration.
If you are interested, please respond to the ad with your name and number, and we will schedule a time
**serious inquiries only**