Hijama & Cupping Therapy

Services include:
Wet Cupping
Dry Cupping
Moving Cupping
Head Cupping
Facial Cupping

Detox your body and help your organs and body systems to run at a more optimal level.

Benefits of Cupping:

Detoxification – Rids the body of dead and stagnant blood cells that are obstructing blood flow

Relieves Pain – Treats pain from injuries and muscles soreness. Also treats ailments and ailments such as fibromyalgia, arthritis.

Supports immune system

Healthy skin – Skin Rejuvination and wrinkle treatment. Also aids in skin conditions such as acne sciatica, eczema, urticaria, hives.

Improves digestion – Improves movement of fluid in the bowels and stimulates digestive organs.

Mental Health – Aids in Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia

Gynecological Support – Irregular Menstruation, Cramping, Fertility,

Relieves migraines caused my tension in the neck and shoulders

Located in Brampton near Williams Parkway and Mclaughlin

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Website: https://purehijamacupping.com