Hypnotherapy Services for all Ages. Online or in Person.

If you have tried different types of healing like yoga, group talk therapy, counselling, meditation, massage deep tissue therapy, cupping, extreme diets, CBD, THC oils, edibles, sleep hygiene, etc and you can’t find balance in your life, you feel tired, restless, and the conventional medicine or pills, prescriptions are not welcome into your body system. You don’t know what to do.
You are NOT ALONE!!!
My name is Sandra Gutierrez, I am Certified Hypnotherapist from NGH, certified QiGong Instructor and REIKI healer, who integrates the knowledge and wisdom from energy medicine and psychotherapy (CBT, CBT-i, ACT, EFT and Emotional therapy to teach and heal their clients energy.
Call for a free 30 minutes consultation
This would be a client 100% commitment
Hypnotherapy SERVICES for:
– Build Confidence
– Weight Management
– Stress Management
– STOP Smoking
-Phobias or Fears
-Let go of Anxiety and Welcome Peace, acceptance and wholeness
-Let Go of Depression or Sadness and Welcome forgiveness, Acceptance, Happiness and Joy.
-Empowerment for single parents
-Trauma, PTSD
-OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Germs, Food contamination, organization, morals)
– Addictions ( Alcohol, Gambling, Porn, Opioid other substances)
– Menopause, and Andropause