Lash technician supplies $800 everything must go !!!!!

Greenlife massage bed – comes with black cover
Saddle chair
Nexcare tape – 50+ rolls
Other types of tape
Tweezers – lash galore, lash god & nagaraku
Spoolies, microswabs, glue rings, gel pads
Pillow with black cover
realistic doll head with removable eyes + a pack of lids ( needs to be cleaned)
Pillow case for a regular pillow
Forabeli lash remover and primer
4 pack of practice strip lashes
Tape roll dispenser
black airtight lash glue container
Glue ring holder (glass)
Pack of glue rings 100+ inside
Forehead lash strip holder (clear)
Mini nano mister
Surgical penx3
Lash tiles (grey and white)
Lash tray holder (stackable)
Barely used supplies
Very good price if you are just starting your business !
Looking to get rid of these supplies as soon as possible !
Enough to lash 100+ clients