Massage Specialist in Leduc- Pain Relief & Full Body Massage

Is ongoing discomfort interfering with your everyday activities and deteriorating your general well-being? At Beauty & Health by Marina, reclaim your power over your health and energy.
We understand the inconvenience of enduring severe back pain, so why wait any longer? Find solace in the finest Health & Beauty services in town.

Our Exclusive Services Encompass:
‣ Sports Massage Therapy
‣ Traditional Thai Massage
‣ RMT Cupping Massage Sessions
‣ RMT Massage Therapy Sessions
‣ RMT Cupping Massage Therapy
‣ RMT Deep Tissue Massage
‣ Hot Stone Massage
‣ RMT Scalp Reflexology Massage
‣ Acupressure Massage Therapy
‣ Swedish Massage
‣ Scalp Reflexology / Hot Stone / Cupping Massage
‣ RMT Foot Reflexology

At our conveniently situated centre in Leduc, along with free parking, rediscover a pain-free, energised life. Call or text Health & Beauty by Marina right now to make an appointment. Accept a life without discomfort!

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