Osteopathic Services | Joint & Muscle Treatment | Manual Therapy

Are you suffering from muscle or joint pain? We can treat you!

At Osteorelieve Clinic, we offer manual osteopathy services to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. We provide effective treatments that address the root cause of your health concerns.

Our specialities:
– Chronic low back pain
– Neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, hip pain
– Poor Posture
– Sciatica pain
– Piriformis Syndrome
– Osteoarthritis
– Foot pain, Plantar Faciitis
– Headache, migraines
– Tennis Elbow
– Scoliosis
– Frozen shoulder
– Tight and Stiff Muscles
And the list goes on!

We will consult a visual and physical assessment. The treatment will consist of joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue therapy and exercises and stretches for your treatment plan.
Osteopathy is covered by MOST extended healthcare insurances. We only do direct-billing for Greenshield or Blue Cross at the moment.

Live Pain Free

You can book with us online at www.osteorelieve.ca

Address: 170 McEwan Drive E #207
Bolton, Ontario
Instagram: @osteorelieveclinic
Facebook: @osteorelieveclinic
Email: onkar@osteorelieve.ca
Phone: (647) 978-3133

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