Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stones, Cupping Massage

People have reported that reflexology, aids to boost the immune system, fight cancer and improve cancer recovery, get over colds and bacterial infections, clear up sinus issues, recover from back issues, correct hormonal imbalance, boost fertility, improve digestion, ease arthritus pain, treat nerve problems and numbness (from cancer drugs (peripheral neuropathy)
Indian Head Massage
7 Benefits of Indian Head Massage
Aids in the relief of migraines. …
Promotes Hair Growth. …
Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage. …
Relieves insomnia and fatigue. …
Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression. …
Renews energy levels. …
Boost memory capabilities.
Traditional Cupping
Relieves migraines
Treats varicose veins
Reduces inflammation
Treats sport injuries
Relieves colds
Improves range of motion
Relieves stress
Increases circulation
Helps clear congestion
Aids in Digestion
Basalt Hot Stones Massage Hot Stone Massage Facial Benefits
Relieve and relax muscle tension to help re-educate the muscles from constantly tightening/constricting and settling into a pattern that creates fine lines & wrinkles
Increase (blood/lymph/Qi energy) circulation to help detoxify, stimulate healing, reduce redness and puffiness
Open pores and encourage debris to be easily extracted and simultaneously allowing the powerful ingredients (from the skin care products) to penetrate into the deepest layers.
Encourage sinus drainage, decrease swelling in the sinus cavities, and reduce pain (great for those suffering from allergies)
Reasonable rates Tel 416 720 8941
Reflexology $90
Indian Head Massage $75
Hot Stones Massage $90
Cupping as an add on $50 or you can book as a full hour service also