How Reiki Works
Reiki is a Japanese Healing technique that can be done in person or remotely. (Both ways are equally effective.)
Reiki is completely safe. It can even be used on children pets and plants. **The only restriction is people with peacemakers.**
Energy is flows through our body all the time. I simply help move the energy in a way that promotes balance and healing. Reiki helps to move out the blocks caused by stress, illness, emotions etc
Reiki can be used for:
* Illness, aches and pains
* Accelerates natural healing
* Prevents the progress of disease
* Detoxifies the Body
* Helps overcoming addiction
* Helps in weight management
* Helps the grieving process
* Helps manage depression
* Helps manage anxiety
* Helps to find clarity
* Helps with goals, manifesting and finding inspiration
* Helps overcome bad habits
* Helps with relationships
* Helps with finances, work & business
* Can also be done on pet and plants
*Can be used to heal past traumatic events and sent good energy to future events
Our life force energy can run low or become blocked with stress or illness. Reiki allows your life force energy to flow freely by illiminating these energy blockages and balancing the energy flow, thereby reducing or removing both physical and emotional pain.
The effects of unreleased stress cause 75% – 95% of all visits to doctors, from minor aches to major health concerns. Stress reduction and relaxation are one of the greatest Reiki healing benefits. Reiki can do no harm as it will only serve your highest good, and it is safe to use in combination with all other healing modalities.
✨ Reiki is not a massage, but it does offer relief from tense and sore muscles. It is done fully clothed and does not require touch, but light touch may be used.
My typical hours of operation are between 9:30 AM and 3 pm weekdays. Weekends are flexible for daytime and evening availability (inquire for specific dates!) I offer sessions between 30 and 120 minutes in length. Prices are as follows: “This is for you” 80$ for an hour, 120$ for 90 minute treatment. I do offer a mobile service, I come and set my equipment up in the convenience of your home!! Additional fees required.
I prefer cash but also accept E transfers 🙂
If you want to set up a session or have any additional inquiries, shoot me a message. Feel free to send messages as detailed as you’d like. The more information I have, the more focused the intention for healing can be, amplifying results!
We are located inside Vanity Salon in Oakville