Fallow me up on You Tube at/ STAY CLASSY YOGA & MASSAGE/ there you can see my videos, my yoga teachings and my professional massage techniques. Feel free to book an appointment at SPANATION.CA or go on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS. I am certified licensed therapist and I can travel to you if in a fair distance, or you can travel to me as I live in a building high up I will great you down to the entrance before your arrival, but overall I would prefer lady’s and serious professional people since I am practicing at home during this hard times ,is no reason to rent else where. I worked with different medical clinics, mobile self employed also with WE MASSAGE and .I will wear a mask but I personally do not shed ,I think people who got vaccinated they shed the variants and masks are doing nothing when they been injected with the virus basically ,so I would prefer healthy people who know how to protect their health without the use of any inoculations, so feel free to book any appointment with me. you can read the packages on or go to google my business or you can just email me here and I will give you instructions how to get to my location. I am located in Mississauga south closer to Toronto. See you soon.