Hi there✨✨
have been through much in my life and have since healed receiving my own Counsel and mentoring and am now better equipped to help you on your journey. Offering Spiritual mentorship and Counsel .. after taking a course in NLP ( Neuro linguistic programming).
Merging Spiritual and Psychological principles to better assist you. I guide you to better help yourself.
I also am offering a swedish massage being in your energy and being sensitive am able to help you and guide you As to whatever I feel in your energy. It is a 60 minute Swedish intuitive Massage. Or a lomi massage which is classed a “ healing hands” massage infusing the body w pure love and re balancing your energies.
I am a medical aesthetician by trade so I have studied the body and massaged since 2004.
I love to be of service to you! 🙂
Pls call for details
647) 883-9474
Talk soon ✨✨