Boost your Libido & Immune system with Reflexology foot massage

Reflexology / Foot Massage is a traditional and natural massage.
Is statistically proven that can reinforce the immune system – this is why governments cover the reflexology costs in serious cases.
Enforcing the immune system is the Best Way to protect oneself from any virus – even from COVID.

Plus – there is a strong belief that Foot Massage may enhance the libido in both sexes.
(Chinese Traditional Medicine uses foot acupuncture to cure impotency).

I am a Male Massage Therapist – with specialization on Swedish massage.
I completed the course of Reflexology in Montreal.
Up to the moment all my clients were very happy with Reflexology.
I want to become a member of the RAC ( Reflexology Association of Canada ).
In order to do that I have to offer the service to 60 people at least 3 times each person.
And I have to keep files for my clients.
I am offering a Special:
Only $ 40 for a complete Reflexology session in my place.
BUT – at least to have 3 massage sessions.
OR – just $ 60 for the session.

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