Chinese therapeutic massage , acupressure,. Reflexology

I am a professional massage therapist. I do therapeutic massage (NO EXTRA/SPECIAL SERVICE ) for different problems,for example : migraine, shoulder pain,neck pain,back pain; if you can not raise your arm/leg ,can not move your neck or you twisted your lower back/ankle (for example,so severe that you can hardly walk ) ,twisted ankle……facial paralysis, sciatic nerve pain, numb fingers… depression and anxiety. My massage is very effective. Usually after the first Time you can See the effect. I help some people fix their problèmes for which they tried many other places before .

Insurance receipt is available. Parking is convenient.

The price of services is as follows:

Chinese theraputic massage: 35 dollars / 30 miniutes; 60 dollars/ hour ; 85 dollars/90 minutes.

Chinese Tuina massage: 35 dollars / 30 minutes; 60 dollars/hour; 85 dollars/90 minutes;

Deep tissue massage: 35 dollars/30 minutes; 60 dollars/hour; 85 dollars/90 minutes;

Accupressure massage: 35 dollars/30 minutes; 60 dollars/hour;85 dollars/90 minutes;

Reflexology: 35 dollars /30 minutes; 60 dollars/hour;85 dollars/90 minutes.

Working Time: Monday-Sunday , 10:am— 7pm.

For more informatiob ,pls feel free to contact Lisa at 438-921-6468.