Massotherapie Jolie Orange Juleps

Are you stressing and depressing you? Are you stiff and have muscle tension?
My name is Lily ,massage therapist graduated from the AMS with 7 years of experience in China! 3 years in Quebec .We use a variety of soft tissue techniques to achieve the desired results,
we offre Swedish, California,relaxation or deep tissue, Tuina , Trigger Point, Sports,Thai massage.
Insurance receipt ,parking ,shower available.We have clean and beautiful rooms with shower, soft music. Free parking.insurence receipt also available.

June 28 . Wednesday
Buchan : Miumiu Joanna Cathy Jolie Lili
Delisle : Annie Charlotte Monica
June 29 Thursday
Buchan: Chloé Bella Sélina Jolie Friona
Delisle : Melissa Nana Mika
Call ☎️ 438 927 6377

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