Oriental Acupressure Massage School: massage/ naturopath courses

Chinatown Oriental Acupressure Massage School has serviced the public over 15 years. We offer different intensive massage and naturopath courses:
Certified diploma
Private teaching
Theory and practice combination
Free practice
Flexible schedule
Teaching in english, french, and Chinese
$160/100 minutes/each course
514-9540049 call only
514-6639850 text message
11am-6pm/ 7 days

Courses are as following:
>Introduction Chinese Acupressure Massage
>Intermediate Chinese Acupressure Massage
>Advanced Chinese Acupressure Massage

>Chinese Meridians and Acupoints Course
>Chinese Dietary Therapy
>Cupping Therapy
>Swedish Massage
>Hot Stone Massage
>Ear Candle with Head Lymph Massage
>Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage
>Chair Massage
>Foot Reflexology
>Head and Face Reflexology
>Chinese Child Massage
>Moxa Treatment (Moxibustion)
>Gua Sha Treatment

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