~REAL Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage~

My name is Blue. My team and I offer traditional Chinese Cai Bei(踩背)Massage at my studio in Cote-des-Neiges.
For those who have never heard of Cai Bei, quite literally, it means “to step on the back”! This technique is also known as Ashiatsu, or Oriental Barefoot Massage. The Cai Bei technique is ideal for very tense muscles because it penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, releasing pressure and stress.
Our hours are:
10:00am – 7pm
Saturday & Sunday:
10:00am – 10pm
Our rates are:
Walking with oil $80/hr
Cai Bei Massage $90/hr
Lymphatic Drainage: $100/hr
Moxa Treatment: $40
Cupping: $40 (welcome to bring your own)
Blood Cupping: $45/Session
Cup sets:
$30 (single set)
$45 (duo set)
$60 (Full set)
By appointments ONLY.
Couple Massage, 4 hands/feet massage are also available !
Insurance receipts available for Massotherapy and Naturophatie. For more information, please reach at the hours above at (438) 933-0988 or through this ad.
Please Do Not contact us for any extra/option services!!

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