Holistic massage courses and Life coaching

Hi my name is Mary and I run a business called inside out holistic therapies in Uxbridge Ontario. I teach holistic therapy courses as well as I offer them as therapies . I am also a life coach and I’m here to help you . LIFE COACHING
Have decided to venture into Life coaching to better help my clients even more. So what does life coaching entail. Life coaching helps people to better themselves by giving them the tools to help them balance out their lives. There are many types of coaching. Life coaching is great if the coach has a few areas that they can help their clients out. I have been blessed because I can help with a person’s nutrition habits, sleep issues, relaxation techniques because I also had studied meditation which is so wonderful for a person’s mind. I also had dabbled into some essential oil so not only can I help a person’s sleep issue but I can also help with pain due to muscle soreness by suggesting peppermint essential oil as it has an ingredient that will help with that. I can also help with exercise because I am a yoga instructor. For the other aspects of life I can always give them tools to help them if they are going through a bad break up or if they want to balance their work/personal life because in this day and age just working is not healthy you do need some downtime. Unfortunately a lot of people do not know how to balance that part. This is where life coaching can really help .
So the way that I run this part of my business is that when someone first contacts me. I have them either text or call me to see if they are a good fit. This would be a free consultation. I truly believe that this is the better way to do this for me at least. If we are a good fit then I would obtain their email address so that I could send them a coaching chart to fill out. After they fill it out then they will send back the chart to me so that I will have it on my person to better help them. Now I am a true believer of having people see me in person that way I can get a better feel but I can do it over the phone, FaceTime or zoom. I will make my client accountable as I definitely will want to see once a week or every two weeks until we feel that they are ready and I have done my part
Mary Olajos holds a certificate in Life coaching and practices that trade in the Uxbridge, Ontario area. She can also do phone call sessions, Face time or zoom sessions
You can reach her at 226-241-6037 I also have been teaching since 2015 and these are the courses that I teach
Holistic relaxation massage course
Indian head massage course
Chakra balancing course
Color therapy meditation course
For more information please visit my website at www.insideoutholistictherapies.ca please also text me for more information at 226-241-6037

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