Mobile Health and Wellness

✅Do you suffer from women’s health issues?
✅Do you have aches or pains?
✅Are you stressed or have anxiety?
✅Can’t sleep or have no energy?
✅Do you suffer from arthritis?
➡️Now taking new clients and appointments.

Office hours:
Monday and Saturday =10am – 9pm
Tuesday -> Friday =5pm – 9pm
Mobile (your home) Hours
Monday to Saturday =10am – 9pm

⭐Here is what I offer.
I’m a safe and best care Clinical Therapist/Practitioner with over 5 years of massage and therapy experience. I specialize in the following, but offer many more therapies:
✴Women’s Health Massage.
✴Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
✴Medium to Deep Pressure Massage.
✴Essential Oil Therapeutic Massage.
✴Relaxation Massage.
✴Hot Stone Massage
✴Other Wellness Therapies (Ultrasound, Cupping, Accupressure, Laser, etc).

I use therapeutic grade essential oils with your massage and you get a free, take home blend of essential oils to continue your treatment.

I offer contactless payment and all payment methods.

Referral program
⭐For every person that you refer (that books and fulfills their massage appointment), you get a discount of 10% off on your next message. ⭐

The therapy room, massage bed and therapy materials are sterilized for each use and I follow RMT COVID protocols

Contact me today and let your journey to health and wellnes begin. ❤❤❤✅

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